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Category: Renovation

Renovation Explanations: In-Law Suites

It’s December, and do you know what comes along with December? The holidays! What comes along with the holidays? Family. We know this year has been different, but however you are planning to celebrate…

Timeless Traditional Renovation

  • November 27, 2019
  • Zachary Bullock
This month’s project spotlight focuses on much more than a kitchen, but a thoughtful renovation that brought life and functionality back to a historic home. Nestled in a peaceful suburb on the constantly…

Modern Farmhouse Master Bath

  • October 24, 2019
  • Zachary Bullock
This project began as many do, with a basic master bathroom. The vaulted ceiling helped to give the room the illusion of space, but the corner tub platform and adjacent shower stall consumed most of the…