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Our Process
What are the steps in the commercial construction process?


During pre-construction, we focus on foundational elements, which when carefully considered and developed, lead to a detailed outline for the project ahead. We provide information regarding our construction process, means, methods, systems, and equipment, to assure our clients are well informed throughout the entire operation. We want our clients to feel confident in their decision to work with Gardner/Fox and building trust through education and collaboration allows us to do that during the pre-construction phase. We additionally offer the following items as standalone services, providing our clients with the assistance they need.

Project Planning Feasibility Budget
Creating and determining a budget or financial plan is a crucial early step for any project. First, we discuss the scope and details of the project. We then develop a budget that includes soft costs such as permitting, insurance, design, and hard costs such as site work, construction labor, construction materials, FF&E. A rough timeline can be established at this time as well, so that we can present a budget and timeframe for completion allowing our clients to make informed decisions. Should the budget or timeline not meet our clients' expectations, we work together to identify areas where reductions can be made.
Rigorous Process Estimating
There is a process for developing a thorough estimate. Certainly we want to identify the main cost components by soliciting subcontractor and vendor proposals to identify those costs. Once we have those proposals, we de-scope those subcontractors and vendors to make sure they have all of the scope covered, make sure we understand any price variances between them, and make sure we have the best price for the work involved. We then compile that information into an overall estimate which is presented to our clients in the format requested. During the estimating stage we also identify potential issues, gathering feedback from our subs and vendors, as well as evaluate any opportunities for potential savings which we then present to our clients.
Start to Finish Scheduling
Developing a schedule helps identify key milestones, organize the project, and set a clear outline for how a project will reach its conclusion. The schedule will be developed with input from subcontractors, vendors, and of course, our clients. Whether a project requires an expedited timeline or unique phasing, the schedule will layout the baseline for how project will be progress.
Identify Challenges Constructability & Cost Review
An integral part of any project, and ideally happening as part of a collaborative team approach, plan review provides an in depth look at our clients' projects. We identify potential challenges that may be present in the design or scope of the project. Challenges or issues that could inhibit permit applications, lead to change orders, increase costs, or deter construction itself. We then work with the team to develop possible solutions to these items.


Gardner/Fox has been designing a wide range of projects since 1987. Our in-house team of designers are experienced and prepared to work with our clients to create the construction documents for their projects. Understanding the main reasons why our clients are considering their projects and the outcomes they are expecting is critical to developing a design approach that meets those needs.

BIM Modeling Technology
Using BIM software is critical to today’s design world. It allows us to create accurate models and construction details, coordinate plans between all disciplines to identify conflicts early, collaborate with the entire team within the model, and allows our clients to easily visualize their buildings & spaces. At each stage of design (Conceptual, Schematic, Design Development, Construction Documents), we work with our clients to continue and refine the development of the overall scope while integrating the necessary code and life safety requirements. It is a truly collaborative process!
Standards & Flow Interior Design
Whether your project requires specialty finishes or needs to meet a certain institutional standard, our team of interior designers work to create the best version of your space. Design boards and material selections are presented to the team to ensure all decisions are vetted prior to finalizing any selections. From flooring to wall coverings to specialty material purchasing and furniture, we are here to help.


We have been delivering successful projects for over 30 years. We take pride in our process, team, and success in customer satisfaction. A combination of great people and cutting-edge management software allows us to deliver groundbreaking projects on time and within budget. Our Project Managers and Field Superintendents oversee and complete our clients’ projects. Through daily communications and weekly meetings, our clients are kept up to date on their projects progress and activities. We have been working with many of our subcontractors for years, and that relationship shows in the quality and smooth progression of projects. We value our clients’, and their employee’s safety, and go to great lengths to assure their peace of mind. Visit our Safety page to learn more.

Key to Success Communication
Our project managers are available to answer any questions our clients may have regarding their projects. Formal bi-weekly meetings are held to discuss project updates, milestones, and how construction is progressing. Meeting minutes are taken, and each decision documented to assure that our clients are well informed. Being available and transparent helps build trust and a strong relationship with our clients.
Maintain Budget Cost Control
During construction, managing cost is a key element. We strictly monitor funds, scheduling, and supplies, side by side, to assure the project proceeds as it was planned in pre-construction. During bi-weekly meetings we present our clients with updates and tracking data, so they can make informed decisions every step of the way.
Streamlined Process Technology Utilization
Construction is a dynamic industry where things are progressing and changing daily. By using cutting edge technology and constant monitoring, we can track each integral piece, and keep all team members up to date. We are BIM integrated, which allows us to participate in the collaboration and clash detection process. All members of the team are working on cloud-based software that allows all updates, drawings and memos to be posted and worked on in real time. Having the latest information in the hands of those who need it most is critical to keeping projects moving along.

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